The anti piracy training is a six-day training course facilitated by the Sri Lanka Cost Guard.

  • Highlights of the Anti Piracy Training includes
    • Authorized and assisted by the Sri Lankan Government (Ministry of Defence)
    • Conducted by professional, experienced and battled hardened ex-servicemen from the Sri Lankan Air Force, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard.
    • Live firing training and exposure at simulated surface targets for varying real life scenarios
    • Training and exposure on Practical RADAR and NAVAIDS
    • Onboard simulated exercises on ship protection drills
    • Onboard Damage control and fire fighting
    • Combat medicine

Video : RALL Live Firearm Training


OVER 600*


    Day 1

    • Basic Seamanship
    • Introduction to UNCLOS
    • Piracy, threat, patterns, trends and Economy of piracy
    • Best management practices against Somali based piracy
    • Ship protection methods
    • Preparation for transit
    • Counter piracy operations

    Day 2

    • Basic navigation
    • Latitudes, longitudes
    • Speed, time and distance
    • Basic chart work
    • Rule of the Road (ROR)
    • Basic RADAR Theory
    • Bridge and other functional equipment against piracy
    • Basic rule of engagement (ROE)
    • Basic gunnery, marksmanship principles and fire discipline

    Day 3

    • Counter piracy techniques
    • Introduction to ISPS - code
    • Introduction to anti piracy drills
    • Introduction to ship's protocol
    • Table top exercise on scenario review
    • Case studies

    Day 4

    • Practical RADAR theory
    • Introduction to Ship's Security Plan (SSP)
    • General Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for PCASP's including ROE
    • General Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for PCASP's including ROE

    Day 5

    • General briefing of the ship
    • Practical sea firing session on surface targets at 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m,
      500m, and 600m
    • Fire fighting and damage control on board
    • Combat Medicine

    Day 6

    • Evaluation / Assessment and 'Viva - Voce' examination
    • Course critique
    • Introduction to RALL mission, ethos and management
    • Awarding of certificates / closing ceremony